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Kickstarter comic ‘artist’ stealing art, please help!

I was on the Kickstarter site and saw this Kickstarter on the front page, Iconic: Abstract Art Series of Heroes & Villains.

Is it just me or is this artist taking pre-existing comic images and just sing Photoshop filters to then sell them as original prints…?  He says he wants to use the money to fund his NYCC table, sounds to me like this guy is gunning to be the new Rob Granito.

This is his Harley Quinn print that looks like he’s just tracing around the Adam Hughes Harley statue to create the image:


This may not be the original Jim Lee Green Lantern he ripped from, but I know I’ve seen the original before.  I know Jim Lee’s work, I grew upimage

his body shapes and the way he draws his characters.


Yeah no caption needed for this one.

His Superman looks like it’s ripped from a Christopher Reeve Superman poster and his Nightwing looks oddly like a cosplayer I remember seeing.


Any way I’ve reported the Kickstarter with my evidence, if you could all report it too, or boost the signal, or at least try and help me get some more proof.  (All of these images seem to familiar to me, but Google image search is failing me a little.)  I hate to drag this guy over the coals, but I’d really hate to see him make $10,000 off of the hard work of others like this.

If you have any respect for comics as a craft, or the creators; you respect their work.  It’s okay to save their images, it’s okay to re-draw their pictures because you liked the original work, but the second you start turning it for a quick buck - that’s when you show you have little to no respect for comics as a medium, the people who slave their ass off day to day the bring us great stories (or statues, or games, etc.) or the work they do.

More evidence, idratherbecarolferris has found the original source of the Green Lantern picture: this Green lantern statue.

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Bleeding Cool has run the story, with more proof.  The project creator has also told me that he’s waiting to hear from DC legal before he pulls the project, despite getting a cease and desist from Marvel during the project itself.
From the project creator himself as of a few minutes ago:


    Creator Cole Drewes less than a minute ago

    Oh well….i’ll try to contact D.C again today….if nothing I’ll end the project.

  2. Me.small

    Creator Cole Drewes 2 minutes ago

    I have emailed and faxed requests to D.C legal department as well…as of June 5th. Still awaiting permission on my project.

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    Just checked - “cancelled by the project creator”. I guess DC got back to him about what the use of their property....
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    NEWEST UPDATE: SUCCESS! Bleedingcool’s article HERE (with comments) The “artist’s” latest update HERE Like I said...
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