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So this past weekend was Melbourne Supanova, and wow it was a freaking amazing weekend.  I can easily say, hands-down the best Convention experience I’ve had as a trader.
I met so many wonderful people and everyone was so sweet and supportive, I even had people from Tumblr coming up to me and saying how they were excited about me being at the show because they were a fan of my work.  I have fans!  (A mind-blowing concept for me…!)  

Over the weekend I was offering my usual commission sketches, and they kept me flat-out.  I barely had a second to leave my booth and wow I got some great requests.  I got to draw all of my favourite DC comics ladies as well as some My Little Ponies and a Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the few minutes I did have to myself I stopped by Gail Simone, Nicola Scott and Terry and Rachel Dodson’s booth.  As soon as I saw this print Terry did for his Australian trip I knew I wanted one:

I’ve also wanted Nicola’s Secret Six x Wizard of Oz cross-over print since forever so I had to get me one of those.  Gail was also handing out signed Red Sonja post cards.

While I was waiting at Terry’s booth Dave Gibbons was talking to me and he said he saw my Red Sonja picture and loved it.  I nearly diiiiiiiiiiiied!  Dave Gibbons likes my work!  He laughed and said he wasn’t just saying that because he was standing next to me.
Terry Dodson also signed my Wonder Woman trade and doodled a little Wondy in it for me:

A short time later Terry was also kind enough to stop by my booth and took a look through my portfolio.

I cannot thank everyone enough for making it such an amazing weekend, Rowan and I both had so much fun.  I also got an invite for a Free Comic Book Day event coming up in May I’ll share details of when I can.  So exciting!

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