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With the announcement that Joe Q. is no longer Editor-in-Chief of Marvel comics I swear I just want to rip my clothes off and run down the street naked in celebration.  Sure Joe has been instrumental in the revival of Marvel comics, blah blah blah. whatever.  I will never be able to erase from my mind some of the truly sexist and baffling things he has not only said himself allowed in Marvel comics. (He banned smoking in all Marvel books.  It’s okay to be sexist to women as long as you don’t smoke while doing it kids!)  Seeing him try and give a proper answer to any serious issue in an interview is amazing, I’ve never seen someone so openly ignorant of their own company or comics in general.  (He pleads ignorance, but for his sake I honestly hope it’s not true.)  He also back peddles faster than a Swedish cyclist with their legs on backwards.

Here are just some of the things I’m talking about:

Joe Q.’s take on claims of sexism in Marvel Divas.

Women and politics

Quesada on that tentacle rape Heroes for Hire cover

Joe Q. on why there are no female creators writing major titles.

Quesada’s foot-in-mouth syndrome

Joe Q. on the Spider marriage

Joe Q.’s tenure at Marvel comics

Not to mention the Joe Q. drinking game…

Now I’m not saying that Joe is personally responsible for a lot of Marvel’s sexist and generally moronic decisions and that things will suddenly get better but I am looking forward to a new public face of Marvel comics; hopefully not someone who uses the following three replies to any real issue brought to them:

'I can't be sexist, I have a daughter and a wife too!'

'I don't know what everyone is talking about.'

'If you don't like it then why are you buying the comic?'

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    2011? Off to a good start.
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    I didn’t even know all this stuff about him being sexist. I just didn’t like him because after they announced Cap was...
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    2011 just got ten times better. Even if this part of the article makes me wince a bit: Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Joe...
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    I know next to nothing about American comics. But one thing I do know is that this is good news.
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    Does this mean that I will get my Spidey marriage back, oh and that Peter will get the BAMF upgrade back that he got...
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    Yeah, I hate to say it but this is more of a reshuffling of those already in power than a true changing of the guard....
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